May the 4th be with you! (re-post)

star wars kids book with record

Star Wars
20th Century-Fox Film Corp.

In honor Star Wars Day, here are a couple of picture books. (One with an ACTUAL RECORD!) As a fan of the original trilogy, I do reject the second book, since Jar Jar Binks is the worst (and then I quit paying attention to the rest of the series.)

Break out your light sabers and become one with the force,


Watch Out, Jar Jar book cover

Star Wars Episode I: Watch Out, Jar Jar!

Just No!


  1. People shouldn’t hate the prequels so much. Hate on the sequels instead. They threw out the timeline they should have kept.

  2. I remember my teacher playing the record from the Star Wars book in school and being bewildered when I heard a completely different voice being used for Darth Vader, but I guess anything’s better than Jar Jar.

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