Mass Media and Elections

Mass Media and Elections cover

Mass Media and Elections

If there was ever a book that was outdated, I think this one might be in the top 10. Aside from the craziness of campaigns, the choice of candidates, and fake news, this book is missing a whole chunk of information.
Updates should probably include things like social media, the Internet, and for the American audience: Russian interference, conspiracy theories, false identities, massive voter fraud, mail in voting, fake news, and a whole chapter on Fox news.

The other surprising item is the blurb on the back cover stating this would be good for the college undergraduate. When I first looked at the book, I would have guessed high school audience. Although some of the material is a bit dense, it looked like a teen nonfiction book.


back cover of mass media and campaigns

Introduction to book

political advertising appeals

Table of the impact of newspaper reading on 1972 election


  1. I love this rule: any title older than the target audience needs review for withdrawal. Mass Media in the title is a flag, but also all books can be subject since election laws are always changing …. against voting rights.

  2. Not even including “social” media and the increase in ad spending is a complete FAIL, but I also agree that it isn’t college level. Looks like high school, or possibly advanced middle.

    Providing their grandparents (or maybe gg’s?) can explain who Nixon and Kennedy were. JFK’s been gone almost 60 years!

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