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Submitter: I found this 68 year old book in the teen craft section of my local library. It’s full of wearable masks based on people from the 1940’s. Teens at my local library can check out the who’s who of the 1940’s with this book. Please send a heartfelt sorry to Mary from me.

Holly: Ohhhh Maaaaary! Submitter wants you to check this out. And s/he’s sorry.  🙂

(Actually, these are quite good! I love the Eleanor Roosevelt mask, pictured below. This book definitely does not belong in a teen craft section, though.)

Mary: I am sleeping with one eye open. This is so disturbing.


facial expressions

ugly mask

Eleanor Roosevelt mask


Katherine Hepburn

character melange


    1. I think it might have been a custom engraving for this book. Compare the two Ms in “make” and “them”, they are different enough that makes me think they didn’t come from a foundry.

  1. I was fine until I saw the bug eyed thing in the Character Melange. I might never sleep again.

  2. Needless to say this book does not place a high priority on political correctness: that “pre-VJ Day conception” is obviously your stereotypical nearsighted buck-toothed Japanese guy.

    In the “Character Melange” that looks like Judy Garland on the lower left, but who’s that bug-eyed guy just above her and to the right??

    1. I see a couple of possible Judy Garlands, but they are in the first spread (older on LH page, younger on RH), not on the Character Melange. No clue who the guy there is. Definitely not Bogart IMO.

  3. I hate to say it, but I think I understand why celebrities undergo so much plastic surgery. If they see caricatures of themselves that look like THIS… o_o

  4. Jeezum crow! And you bother to make them to wear them…where, exactly? At the very least it needs an update that includes the Donald.

  5. These masks are wonderful, much better than a homemade mask might be today, I think. Are they all made of newspaper? Is it papier mache? I’m impressed. Maybe someone needs to write an updated version.

  6. Yeesh…
    The picture collages of masks reminds me of the climax of the film “Dead of Night”…

  7. I’m a great one for snapping up old books on crafts and had this been in my libraries ‘weeded for sale’ section, would now nestle up alongside all my others.
    I like books that show what people did in their spare time before the days of TV and computers. I have books on Victorian pastimes and a very interesting book on making musical instruments. ‘Handmade in London’ is a super book explaining how thing were done in those ‘good old days’. I think this information is important and should not be lost. Cheers Bernard

  8. Seriously doubt that’s suppose to be Judy Garland, but nonethess these are really eerie creations. Not sure if anyone in that melange is supposed to be based on a real person. At least I hope not!

      1. You think?? I think it looks more like Abe Lincoln smoking a cigarette. Hey, we’ve started something here, guessing who these masks look like/are supposed to be. And at least two of those pictures in the Melange (in the bottom center) look like real people, not plastic

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