Mask Making

Mask Making title page

Mask making: creative methods and techniques

Subitter:This one had been rebound so I have no idea what the original cover looked like but title page is oh, so lovely with it’s large grease stain.  There are all kinds of awful masks in this book but I was particularly disturbed by the boy with the giant “balloon mask” head, the dead marionette laid out on a stack of books and the man making a mask on his own face.  Also of note, the masks from countries/places that no longer exist: Belgian Congo, New Ireland, New Britain.

Holly: I guarantee that much nicer books on mask making have been published since 1954.  If your library hasn’t been able to afford a new book on this topic since 1954, you have bigger problems than weeding.  There is really no excuse for having this in a public library’s regular collection!

giant mouse head

mask parts

wood puppet

wood masks



  1. Yikes! That first picture of the man with the giant mask is going to give me nightmares…”shudders in fear.”

  2. I’m not clear on why we need to know the author is superintendent in Depew. Seems irrelevent, and yet, they put it on the title page?

  3. Mouse Boy is wearing a polka-dot bow tie with his palm-tree print shirt. 1954 was indeed a scary time.

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