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It’s another blast from my TV past everyone. Sadly, I was probably the target market for this gem from 1975. I am/was a huge Mary Tyler Moore fan and as far as I was concerned, Rhoda was the coolest. As I sit here in my rocking chair lamenting the golden days of television, I keep thinking that the Friends or How I met your mother couldn’t hold a candle to the Mary Tyler Moore show and its lesser (but still pretty good) spinoff, Rhoda. (The funeral for Chuckles the Clown will be forever a great moment in TV. Click here to see a clip.)


All About Rhoda back cover

New York, this is your last chance

All About Rhoda

Valerie Harper and Dick Schaal

Rhoda gets married

Brenda gets advice


  1. Rhoda was one of the few spin-offs in the 70’s that maintained a high level of good writing that MTM show was known for. Good stuff!

  2. Valerie Harper was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2013 and given two months to live, but she’s still kicking, doing benefit events and giving interviews. She’s a trooper.

  3. Must do a wiki search on her now. Wondering if she’s still married to Dick Schaal….

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