Mary’s Favorite Posts of 2020

mary's best of the worst 2020

As a reminder, awfulness is in the eye of the beholder. Each community, library, and collection is unique. What is awful in one library maybe perfectly fine in another. With that said, here are my picks for 2020.




bodacious borders

Bodacious Borders

Who doesn’t want to make bodacious documents with bodacious borders?

cover of hickle going to school

Be Cool, Going to School
Hickle Pickle Books #3

Because alien pickle…

middle age cover

Middle Age
The Prime of Life?

Aside from the sexy jogging suit, it is the guy standing in is underwear that makes you look forward to getting older.


acting the gospels book

Acting Out the Gospels with Mimes, Puppets, & Clowns

The trifecta of EVIL: Mimes, Puppets, and Clowns

little hats crochet patterns

Doilies to Crochet for Little Hats

Hats as a theme for interior decorating? Nope.

how to get your cat to do what you want

How to get your cat to do what you want
Eckstein and Eckstein

Total fiction. They train you.

CosmoGirl Make It Yourself

CosmoGirl! Make it Yourself: 50 Fun and Funky Projects

Pre-teens making “boys of the week panties”  is NOT a good idea.



  1. I think my research into the Hickle Pickle books has scarred me for life. “Want to get over depression? Don’t take meds and go to therapy, go make friends with a dying child instead!”

    1. This is supposed to make you realize how lucky you really are. Then you’ll cheer up and go on your merry way, grateful that you aren’t dying, intellectually challenged (Or whatever the current term is. I can’t keep up.), don’t have cancer or some other incurable disease and have all sorts of things to be happy about, instead!
      It comes from the same school as ‘Clean your plate, there’s children starving in China’ ,and is, imho, about as useful. 🙁

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