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Marijuana cover


Submitter: This book comes from our public library system. Some of the photos look even old for a book from 1999. Laws on Marijuana have changed drastically, and it’s also possible that resources in the back are no longer  current.

Holly: There’s been a sudden influx of drug books submitted to ALB. Thank you, everyone, for weeding the weed books. I never knew doobies were orange. Were/are colored rolling papers a thing? I agree with submitter that the pictures in this thing look more 80s than 90s.


a pot party

teens with positive outlooks

acceptance with friends

help list


    1. I was 19 when this book was published . I know was not using phone book then . We had webTv is anyone remembers that!

  1. I’m surprised there’s a library that still has this book. I mean, not that it’s old, or even that they bought it, but that it hasn’t disappeared. This is a topic on which nearly all of our books vanish into thin air!

    1. Same prob here! This year, we bought an ebook with universal access! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!I

  2. Ricardo, what is that smell? Sorry, I don’t take doobies from guys who have apparently shit their pants without noticing.

  3. I really don’t get all this “legalizing” stuff. People seem to think it’s just because it’s a plant that’s it’s safe. What about all the plants that are so toxic they can kill you? If anything I think marijuana makes people so apathetic they don’t even care if their house is on fire. “Wow, fire looks like pretty orange fairies, maaan”. 🙂

    1. if weed makes people apathetic then why was the hardest working band in show business the Grateful Dead?

  4. Some of those photos look like the ones in the books we had in high school. In the mid 70s.

  5. “Were/are colored rolling papers a thing?”

    yes – in 1979, about 20 years before this was published

  6. This would be a big seller at marijuana shops in Colorado.
    (Note: The b/w photo is undoubtedly from the 70’s. It may even be a still from the Mod Squad.
    Color film apparently hadn’t been invented yet.)

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