Marriage is possible!

Marriage is Possible coverMarriage is Possible

Submitter: Widdemer actually won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry (when it was known as Columbia University Prize) back in 1919 alongside Carl Sandburg

That being said, this book is 1930’s “chick lit” tripe.  No surprise that she’s the person who popularized the term “middlebrow.”

Holly: I love chick lit tripe, but I don’t see a lot of reason to keep this in your average public library.  Pulitzer or not.

Marriage is possible excerpt


  1. Gee 50 years of watching you get dinner to look forward to. A single life of adventure in the wild blue yonder is for suckers.

  2. Wow! I LOVE Margaret Widdemer books–The Rose-Garden Husband, The Wishing Ring Man, and her poetry are faves. Most of my experience is with her earlier period work, but I would love to own this one. Even though you through that last-page spoiler up there.

  3. This looks like it could be a great read, even for what the submitter is calling “middlebrow” literature. I think it is really important to reconsider the placement of female authors and their “chick lit” in the hierarchy of literary fiction. Often marginalized authors like Margaret Widdemer and Winifred Holtby are a great place to start!

  4. Okay how much sarcasm is supposed to be in this? Because when I read

    “We have fifty years of swell married life together ahead of us, if both of us just take care not to die.”
    “We won’t, then.”

    I’m thinking she’s saying they won’t take care not to die – that’s how it’s structured. Just something to think about…

  5. ANOTHER plane, huh? Okay, I’m intrigued. Did he really fall out of a plane? When? Why? HOW? And in the 30s? Well, I can’t say I have much faith in 1930s aviation.

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