Marriage Hilarity

Marital Blitz cover

Marital Blitz
Berenstain and Berenstain

This little paperback of marital comedy is brought to you by Stan and Jan of Berenstain Bear fame.  Enjoy some rather dated comedy about the perils of marriage. I doubt it would get a second look in most library collections, but the parents of baby boomers might still get a kick out of this.

Take my wife… please,


back cover of marital blitz cartoon book

cartoon about marriage counseling

how to be a good sport cartoon

hnadyman cartoon



  1. Did the couple who went to the marriage counselor just learn where babies come from? I know it was 1955, but I’m pretty most adults knew it wasn’t the stork who brings them. 😛

  2. The sequence on the back cover actually reminds me of my parents, who are boomers. My dad would probably get a kick out of this.

  3. Oof. I, for one, am glad we as a culture have moved past the “marriages are miserable and IT’S HILARIOUS!” form of humor.

  4. I love retro cartoons like these, even though the jokes are rarely funny and often don’t even make sense to our modern perspectives.

  5. The Berenstains were sort of cartooning power couple, who did a whole series of these ‘Battle of the Sexes’ paperbacks through the 60s. They ultimately hit the jackpot with their Berenstain Bears series, still going strong 4 or 5 decades later

  6. My parents were married in 1955 and I wouldn’t be surprised if they owned this book. Most of the greeting cards they exchanged and received at the time were similar in graphics and in message. My father had some cartoon humour books from that decade so I recognize the cartoonist(s). I had no idea it was the same cartoonist(s) who drew the Berenstain Bears.

  7. “Down a Sunny Dirt Road” is the Berenstains’ autobiography (published in 2002). It’s a good read.

  8. I OWN this book, plus many of the other older Berenstain paperbacks. Grew up reading them before I was old enough to understand the jokes!

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