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Your Marriage
Is it what you want it to be?
What to do if it’s not

I get the feeling this book should have a sub title about handling difficult men. Basically, it is a book for women on when you can’t fix your man, then its time to dump him.This is a great example of how attitudes have changed (somewhat) about women and marriage. The author discusses spousal abuse as if getting beat up is just one of those things that happens. (Read about what it takes to get a wife beater arrested.)

I would also hazard a guess that this book was a bit edgy for the time. Granted, I am coming from a small Midwestern town in Illinois, but divorce, even in the 1970s, was considered to be somewhat shameful. Women, truly lost social status. I remember my mother telling me that when a friend of hers divorced in the late 1960s or early 1970s, it meant that every man in town thought she was open for business.When I think back to my high school days in the 1970s, very few parents were divorced. However, when my younger sisters made it to high school 8-10 years later, there was way more acceptance and many of their friends’ parents were divorced.


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  1. After reading the part about wife-beating, I’m grateful that we’ve made some progress!

    I’m also glad the book didn’t prescribe unthinking obedience on the part of the wife.

  2. “female sexuality has crawled out from beneath the rocks”
    WHAT THE HELL???!!
    also, maybe the woman never has an orgasm because the guy’s lousy in bed!

  3. Edgy enough to sell in New York City, at least. I grew up there in the 1970s and my parents were considered very weird for not being divorced. They were somewhat socially acceptable, however, since my mother had been married once before meeting my father.

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