Manly Home Decor

Power Look at home cover

The Power Look at Home
Decorating for Men
Fürstenberg and Fisher

These are quite the looks for that man wishing to make a statement about his home. We have a few choices such as: the statue in the kitchen, the bed that looks like a cage, and some weird looking art. Don’t miss the giant TV relic (complete with some awesome rabbit ears!) Not really sure, but I am not getting the power vibe given these designs. I think Prince Egon should have taken some advice from first wife Diane.



inside book flaps

kitchen office bedroom red interior living area


  1. “True eclecticism is a totally original vision, the creation of one person who senses a chemistry between various objects.” That could describe one of the people on Hoarders, a street person with a loaded shopping cart, or a teen like Jeremy in the Zits cartoon.

  2. The effect of the cage and the mirror is like The Yellow Wallpaper–someone trying desperately to escape!

  3. These rooms all feel terribly claustrophobic to me — why use such small spaces? Presumably they had their choice of rooms small or large. Also, didn’t they have airbrushing in those days? Egon has weird dark wrinkles/lines in his forehead.

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