Management for Ladies

Women in management

The Woman’s Guide to Management Success
How to Win Power in the Real Organizational World

This is a “how to get along with boys” book for women in the office. There is lots of deconstruction of management style, self-esteem, and communication. The hip theory of this time was Transactional Analysis (TA). I had a professor back in the day that talked like this the entire semester. Drove me crazy with the constant discussions of everyone’s ego states. No, this was not a psychology class, it was a teacher education class about curriculum design. It was over 35 years ago, but all I can remember is being irritated trying to talk to this guy and him not hearing me, all while telling me that I’m okay.

This book does come from a TA perspective, but there isn’t anything about gender dynamics other than to say women aren’t like men and that women have self-esteem problems.

They lost me at Transactional Analysis.


feminine cultural conditioning

using your feminine skills


    1. As I recall, “strokes” and “stroking” was part of the TA jargon referring to social interactions creating positive reinforcement. Today it is hard to explain how widespread this manifestation of “pop psychology” was in the ’60s and ’70s-“Games People Play” and “I’m OK, You’re OK” were read by seemingly everyone from housewives to students to entrepeneurs–but there are more recent counterparts.

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