Man Hunting

how to catch a man

How to Catch a Man
Cameron, Parker, Thomas

Ladies, are you desperate to bag a husband? Let this book get you prepared to go into the dating wild and get your trophy. In preparation, this book is all about your checklist before even starting. Lose the weight, make sure you don’t smell bad, shave your legs, learn to cook, and above all, be feminine.

Once you get yourself to a presentable state, time to identify your prey. Sporting events, college campuses, and office buildings are the suggested places for husband bagging opportunities.  Reel your prey in with sweet talk and food. Finally, you need to work on domestication of your prey. Don’t worry, this book has all sorts of advice for taming your man.

I think this was pretty awful for 1979 as well.


lose weight to catch a man

body odor

practical basics

code for hunting men



beware of wolves



  1. If this book was about how guys can catch a wife and showed women being hunted like animals in the woods, people would go nuts. Talk about a double standard.

  2. I saw books that were just as condescending (train your husband like you would a dog!) in the 1990s. I doubt the genre’s extinct.

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