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Flatten Your Stomach coverFlatten Your Stomach for Men Only
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Submitter: I ran across Flatten Your Stomach: For Men Only when I was sweeping the shelves for books that patrons had been browsing and put back in weird places. The fact that I found it out and about argues that someone was looking at it recently, even though it’s only been checked out once since 1999. Flatten Your Stomach: For Men Only was produced by Consumer Guide magazine in 1987, and paging through I couldn’t find anything that indicated why it was for men only, except that most of the routines seem to be named after plays from miscellaneous sports (e.g., “Power Play,” “Two-Point Shot,” and my personal favorite, “Punt”). I think we all know that no woman would be able to follow such a high-concept premise. The most disturbing part (other than the short-shorts) is probably his continuously perky expression. The other disturbing thing is the fact that another library in our consortium has a copy from 1984 still in circulation.

Holly: This cracks me up.  This is the happiest man on the planet, and you can be too if you follow his routine.  His abs are definitely…um…flat.

The sweat out

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  1. What really disturbs me is the homo-eroticism. Something about that look says he’s about to invite me to dinner.

  2. It probably says “For Men Only” because of how girly the poses look. So men won’t be too scared that they’d “look gay” doing them if it says it’s only for men. Kind of like the term “man bag.”

  3. His socks disturb me. A lot. In fact I think this would be at the top of my list. The exercises look good.

  4. This book was published 24 years ago. Don’t you kind of wonder what this guy looks like today? Wonder if he still has a flat tummy!?!

  5. SOCKS? You guys are bothered by the socks? The short shorts disturb me. I didn’t even notice the socks. Also, the lack of abs. His stomach is so flat that there aren’t even any muscles there.

  6. O mustard yellow short shorts and stripey tube socks, how would we know how dated the image is without you?

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