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The color craze was hardly my thing (I could never tell the difference between good color or bad color) I do remember you could hire yourself a color consultant to look at your clothes and tell you what to wear. After looking at this book, I still can’t really tell the difference. Perhaps I am not that sophisticated or I don’t see that well.

For the 80s, this was probably a good purchase. However, I don’t think anyone is really talking about colors like they were then. The fashion is outdated now, but if it still works in your world, by all means, color away. 80s hair is totally optional.


Dramatic clothing personality

Autumn formal

Winter Men

Summer Men

right and wrong colors

Color for Men back cover


  1. Ooh! Billy (the “vivid Summer”) reminds me a lot of the actor James Marsters. I wouldn’t be surprised if it really was him – modeling can be a gateway to an acting career.

  2. How does one look insipid? And if someone’s skin is grey-beige, maybe he is ill?

  3. Is one of those “Winter Men” a younger Neil DeGrasse-Tyson, or is that just me?

  4. Except for young Neil, they mostly look pretty much alike to me, and I don’t see any difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Wrong. Maybe that’s why I’m still Single?

  5. I do like that the used identical lighting in the before-and-after shots and didn’t tell the men to scowl for the Before and smile for the After. Those before-and-after shots where they use every photographer’s trick they can think of to make the before look terrible and the after look lovely get on my nerves.

  6. I’m still influenced by the book when I choose colors, I’m winter and they were spot on beige, brown and earth-tones (or military camouflage types of colors) look awful with my skin color. I know the pics look ridiculous, but one still notices if the color doesn’t quite go with the skin color. I disagree with this one being on the list (for first time, ever!!!). Long time follower.

    1. My mom went over this book with me when I was a teen and I’m with you on sill using what I learned from that! I have my go to color palate that I can’t help but look good in and its awesome. However, I’m looking at the fabrics, pinstripes and tweeds they have here for men… those, certainly need updating, don’t they? I can’t remember the last time I saw a gentleman in a brown herringbone suit.

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