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Masks and how to make themMasks and How to Make Them

Submitter: ‘Mask-making is a fascinating and inexpensive hobby’ states the blurb. Maybe so, but should it necessarily be promoted by such a disturbing cover? Believe it or not, these are children sporting their home made paper mache ‘Big Heads’. The writing is beautifully Sixties Britain; in making your own Big Head you are encouraged to ‘Get an old copy of, say, the Radio Times’. At least it promotes libraries, with its final chapter ‘Books on Masks’, stating that local libraries may have books on masks, even though as far as the author knows there are no books on masks in English. He then follows with a few suggestions from the 1920s. Wonderful.

Holly: These are cool in a creeptastic kind of way! Most of the book is too dated to be useful, though, based on what Submitter said. I keep thinking about this episode of Freaks & Geeks (Best. Show. Ever.) Sorry, couldn’t find video, but enjoy the picture. It’s epic.

Books on masks

Man's use of masks

Big Heads


  1. They’re terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future. 🙂

  2. Since the point of Halloween is to look like something creepy or scary, those kids on the cover are doing a good job. Of course, those masks may not be for Halloween and looks like it would be hard to see inside them.

  3. I dunno-I’d keep it just as a counter-measure for the ironic wisenheimers and their brats who think anything that isn’t app-related is passé….

  4. Some of my left-wing activist buddies could probably get some mileage out of this book.

  5. I have have seen this in our local library. I will take interest in it. Mask Maker in our neighborhood.

  6. Just today I saw a Bernie Sanders mask online that would fit right in with these guys :-O

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