Making Jell-o Happen

magic jello cover

The Magic of Jello
100 New and Favorite Recipes of Fun with Jell-o

We haven’t seen a Jello book in a long time. This one isn’t as scary as previous examples we have featured on our site, but there mix and match of Jell-o colors that give the dishes a plastic look. It’s Jell-o, I think there is only so much you can do and trying to make Jell-o into some specialty cuisine is asking too much. That said, I do like a dish of Jell-o with some whipped cream, but I grew up in central Illinois where Jell-o is a staple.


jello back cover

make a mold

watermelon parfait

jell-o nachos

jello crown


  1. I think this looks pretty fun myself; at least there aren’t any savory recipes.

  2. This one looks a lot nicer than the usual Jello cookbooks. The watermelon seed parfait seems like a bit of fun.

    I have to wonder if poke cakes are included. these are ordinary cakes with semi-liquid Jello injected and then refrigerated before frosting. A spectacular (but easy to make) version involves a dark chocolate cake and a red Jello. When the cake is cut it appears to bleed. It’s perfect for Halloween and the raspberry or cherry flavors go very nicely with the chocolate cake.

  3. I absolutely do not get the obsession with jelly/jello. I guess I ate it when I was a little kid, but it seems to have made a come back these days, aimed at adults. Something you’d buy in a meal deal on your lunch break. But it’s just brightly coloured nothing. Gross.

  4. To be honest, I think several of these would be fun for a big family cookout, or a kids’ party. At least it’s not aspic.

  5. Isn’t Jello made from gelatin which is extracted from cow’s hooves? Then it’s loaded with artificial flavors and colors? That said, I have this great recipe for a red white and blue salad based on Jello. . . . Guess it’s a nostalgia thing.

    1. They also make kosher gelatin. I think it’s made with fish if I remember correctly. I found a bunch on Amazon one day.

  6. What, pray tell, are Squisharoos?

    Those glasses on the back cover with the blue Jello and clouds are awfully cute, but something tells me trying to make them in real life would result in a Pinterest Fail-type disaster.

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