Teen Makeover


The Make-Over
A Teen’s Guide to Looking & Feeling Beautiful

Ah, the 1980s live again. This book has all the makeup and fashion advice your average teen girl needs. The shirt/vest combo looks 1970s (I say this because I had a similar outfit in 1977. Heck, I think I had the same hair as well.) By the 1980s we were all looking for some big hair via perms. For me personally, the 1980s ended up being a series of bad choices in hair and fashion.

There is nothing wrong with this particular book. However, I doubt books about fashion, hair and makeup for teens is even a good idea. I think teens and young adults probably go to Instagram and YouTube for this kind of advice. I doubt anyone wants Grandma’s 1980s look in 2020.


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  1. Fashion and nostalgia tends to cycle in 30 year chunks (remember how the 80s was obsessed with the 50s?), so now that we’re moving into the 2020s, the retro style of the 90s is coming back. The 1980s is so last decade. A guide to looking like a character from Friends, that’s what people want now.

    1. Maybe it’s because I grew up in fashion-conscious New York, but I remember an obsession with the 50s in the 70s (confirmed by the release date of “American Graffitti,” and the TV shows “Happy Days” and “Sha Na Na”), and moving into the 60s in the 80s. Anyway, I always took a 20 year cycle for granted.
      Which means I have no idea what to be nostalgic for now. I was in grad school and missed all of 2000s culture entirely, if there was any.

  2. While this doesn’t belong in a public library collection, there’s a number of cosplayers, including teens, who’d love to have this. Especially ones on TikTok that are huge fans of Stranger Things.

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