Make Your Own Record

make your own record coverHow to make and sell your own record: the complete guide to independent recording

Submitter: This book needs to go! Aside from the horrible physical condition this particular copy is in (back cover fell off as I was handling it!), the content is terribly outdated. According to WorldCat, there are several more recent editions, so there is no excuse for this to be on the shelves.

I found this in an academic library. Maybe it’s there for folks looking up the history of self recording? WorldCat shows 167 libraries that still own this edition. Kinda scary!

Holly: What’s a record?  Just kidding…I was a child of the 80s, so I grew up with records, but today’s college students didn’t.  Maybe a university library with a very specialized music program would keep this, but even that seems like a stretch.


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  1. I’ve only recently discovered this site. I have to warn you, I’ve already mentally rewritten it as “”

    Now I know why I never find stuff like this on my local shelves. Librarians are in a conspiracy to hide them from me!!!

  2. I agree that the book is horribly outdated, but may very well be there for research. Our academic library still has shelves of LPs, in addition to CDs. No cassette tapes left here, however.

  3. Let’s see, as someone who knows/knew an awful lot of folks that made their livings in the music “industry” (from performing to production to selling to writing about it to selling used demos out of his car), I can say with absolute authority that the modern Internet era and widespread computer access have killed off or rendered completely obsolete Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and the appendices. There might be a salvageable nugget of info or philosophy in Chapters 7 or 8; 9 is still being argued about for the most part; and 10 can be replaced by a better business book…..

  4. Seems like this fits right in with the DIY, vintage, hipster-I’m-cooler-than-you movements, if it were updated.

    Love the huge hair.

  5. ALB Goddesses,

    I tried to submit some books to you this morning, but my email got a “this inbox is too full” message. 🙂

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