Make Your Man a Sensitive Man

The New Husbands and How to Become OneThe New Husbands
And How to Become One

This is an attempt by the author to re-define marriage roles, since women’s liberation has changed the traditional role of the wife. But what about those men? What is a new husband? This author offers insights and even a quiz (I love a good quiz!) to help men figure out the new woman and marriage.

Nice glimpse into the culture of the women’s movement. However, recent events and discussions on the interwebs have me speculating that maybe things haven’t changed all that much. Back in the 1970s, ┬áthe ideal sensitive man was Alan Alda or Phil Donahue. In this century, I haven’t a clue who would be the ideal sensitive man. Suggestions?


The New Husbands inside flap

The New Husband Scale

The New Husbands questionnaire

There's something wrong with our sex life


  1. A husband has the write to spank his wife if she cheats?
    That’s a decidedly odd response, isn’t it?

  2. If we had just met you would never have had the OPPORTUNITY to fall asleep on top of me. Or maybe I’m just old fashioned?

  3. I love the one asking if a husband is planning an affair, should he inform his wife so she can plan one too? Wait, what?

    I vote for Colin Firth for Ideal Sensitive Man.

  4. I guess the author had to invent the “faddish noncompetitive male…who willingly surrenders dominance to his wife as they rear their unisex children” in order to make the “New Husband” seem more moderate? or something…I am way curious about those unisex children, though.

  5. “It’s nice to have a talented wife. But remember, I discovered your talent first.”

    That’s supposed to be the new husband? He’s using a power play straight out of the old husband’s guidebook.

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