Make Love to a Man – 70’s style

How to make love cover

How to Make Love to a Single Man
How to meet him, understand him, and love him

Evidently, it is a LOT of work to get men interested in sex. This comprehensive manual of nearly 200 pages details all the skills and tricks you can use to get a man interested in you. Advice includes how to seduce a man, one night stands, where to meet men (short answer: everywhere), dressing sexy, and super detailed sex advice. Best part: Awesome photos of brooding men in their natural habitat of the office, pool hall, film studio, barn, shower, museums, and parks. They really are everywhere!

Sample advice (You might want to take notes):

Wash dishes naked
Give your man a massage
Take off your clothes
Take off his clothes
Go fast
Go slow

I will leave it to you to continue your research.


how to make love back cover

man asking to go shopping with you

man playing pool

man editing a film

man in bed

man playing records

man smoking on a train


  1. I was in high school at the time, but I had the same shirt as the dude on the cover.
    Anything with 70s fashions should automatically be weeded just on principle

  2. Inquiring minds want to know: Is there a companion volume “How to Make Love to a Married Man”? Is it divided into two parts, depending on whether the reader is or is not married to the man in question?

  3. Ah, the liberation of the 70s, in which women showed their newfound freedom by catering to men’s every desire, reshaping themselves to become that perfect object… er…


    I never realized pool was such a sexy sport.

  4. Bow chicka bow wow.

    In all seriousness, this must have been a transgressive book for the 70s, and even today books for women featuring sexy pictures of men are not all that common.

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