Magical Decorated Cakes


Pasteles Magicos Decorados
Welsh, French

Submitter: Here is book I just discarded from our library collection. The title of our book is Magical Decorated Cakes. I also took a picture of one of the cakes inside the book, a typewriter cake.

Holly: These cakes are awesome!  This book would be REALLY cool if it showed you how to make a cake in the shape of an iPhone or an eReader.  Unfortunately…it doesn’t.


  1. I think that’s awesome! Such detail. True it’s an ooooold tv, but still, that’s pretty cool. I’m lucky I can ice a cupcake. I’d have bought it at the book sale and tried to ebay it.

  2. I’m just lucky if I can make a cake that isn’t burnt. Oh yes I know I want a magical microwave/lunch box like the cover. But I’d lose the kid since he’s kind of creeping me out. Maybe someone will do an updated version with all the new gadgets out there.

  3. Barbara – a magical microwave/lunchbox? I guess it does look like some sort of combo thing, but in actuality that represents a “portable tv”. Those things had maybe a 7″ to 9″ screen, and a little handle on top so you could pick it up and move it to the kitchen, living room, bedroom – whereever you wanted to watch TV. The pushbuttons on the side were the channel selectors – there weren’t so many channels then.

  4. I was looking aty that thing and trying to decide between lunchbox/microwave/portable tv too. It reminded me of a conversation I had with the students. None of them understood the concept of a busy signal on the phone. They have literally never heard of a phone that didn’t have call waiting or at least go directly to voicemail if someone was on the phone they were calling.

  5. Ha ha ha….magical microwave/lunchbox. I suppose it is confusing for people younger than those old farts like me who remember only 4 stations.

  6. I’m only 34 and I remember tvs like that! In fact, I love that cake and want one for my birthday!

    My niece, who’s 14, wouldn’t know what it is, however. She made me feel really old the other day because she doesn’t know who Bob Hope was. 🙁 And he only died in 2003!

  7. @Jami, my husband works in a library near a high school. Two female students were at the CDs trying to figure out who Paul McCartney is. He overheard them and offered the comment that Paul is one of the Beatles. Thinking he had done his job, he started to walk on when they asked him who the Beatles are.

  8. @Laura – My vocal coach tells a similar tale. One of his band students walked up to him and said, “Mr. H, did you know Paul McCartney was in a band before Wings?”

    I think that’s why he now teaches a history of rock and roll class.

  9. That’s odd, I still get busy signals quite often. They aren’t encountered like they used to be, but they still pop up now and then.

  10. I think our Holly got the point : sure these cakes seems awesome but you should bake them for your grandma’s birthday, not your kids. They won’t even know what a typewriter is.

    @Jami & Laura : I had a similar experience when somebody told me in 1991 that Genesis was the new band of Phil Collins…

  11. My son knows what records, rotary phones and typewriters are, and he’s only 7. Mommy is giving him a classical education, majoring in old school. He’s also likes the old cartoons on Boomerang, esp. Tom and Jerry, Jetsons, Wacky Racers, etc. He also just got introduced to Bruce Lee, in all his awesomeness. But the funniest was his friend, same age, who likes Michael Jackson. I put the Beat It video on YouTube, he’s watching and he goes, “So where’s Michael?” Um, that’s him right there dancing! He says, “No way, you’re kidding, that’s not him!” Um, yes, believe it or not, Michael Jackson was once black, deal with it.

  12. Cheryl, your students should try calling some of my doctors’ offices. Busy signals are for when “hold” gets overwhelmed.

    Actually, I don’t have call waiting or voice mail on my home line, either. We don’t spend enough time on the phone to warrant call waiting, and we have an answering machine for missed calls.

    And I’ll bet today’s students do experience “Call failed” and dropped calls, which were unthinkable when I was growing up with my trusty land line!

  13. @Fantasio – I don’t know if you’ve ever been to any of the Cheezeburger sites like I Has A Hot Dog, but I just about lost it this morning on thier ROFLrazzi site when someone revealed they had never heard of Orson Welles War Of The Worlds broadcast panic. *sighs* And on their Historic LOLs someone captioned a painting of – I guess a bishop or maybe it’s a pope – to reference the famous Monty Python Spanish Inquistion sketch. Someone replied about how the church was behind the inquistion.

    Thank God for YouTube. Found the clip of that one. But geez, what do they teach kids in school now days?!

    (Don’t get me started on the editing of Huckleberry Finn. I’m ready to rip a few heads off for that one!)

  14. ……Because when you’re in the midst of a bad sugar craving, what you REALLY want is a dorky looking child on a cake TV. Yum! Bring it ON!

  15. “magical microwave/lunchbox” has got to be one of the greatest lines ever used to date on this site.

  16. Are Welsh and French the authors/editors/whatever? Considering the book is in Spanish, that made me laugh a little.

    @oliviacw–I don’t know about that. I wasn’t alive in 1987, but in 1994 we had a good 60 or 70 channels.
    @Laura–Really? At my high school (note: I graduated 3 years ago) practically everyone listened to the Beatles.
    @mel–Tom and Jerry, at least, is on Cartoon Network a lot. I was quite surprised to learn that a couple years ago when I babysat for a 7 year old who watched way too much TV. (I just reread what you said, and of course, Boomerang is a subchannel of CN…but it’s on the regular channel as well.)

    So, since I grew up living with my grandparents, I’m pretty unaware of the generation gap of knowledge here, since in the early ’90s we had a rotary phone (until the phone company wouldn’t let us anymore), a TV with a knob thing (pretty sure we got a new TV when I was around 4, so I don’t really remember that one), and we listened to most of our music on a record player. We did have cable, though, so I never lacked TV channels. My band director in high school was talking about when he realized his son didn’t know what a cassette tape was, and that was…wow.

    To be fair, tapes are horrible. Records are old but high quality. Tapes were always a pain in the neck.

  17. Who are you people? Probably the same people who decide everyone needs to sit in a cube, and the world should be painted beige.

  18. That book is from a whole colection of cooking books, it was print in Mexico, from the magazine ‘Ideas’. Some books where hilarious others where really useful, I still keep two of them. You can still find them in ‘old book’ stores.

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