Macrame Hangers for Small Spaces

Macrame Hangers coverMacramé Hangers for Small Spaces
Craft Course Publishers, Inc.

Submission: I found this crafty little book hiding in our stacks recently. My family’s first apartment in the 80’s had the same wallpaper as page 13.

Holly: You know, the house I grew up in had similar wallpaper in our kitchen! We also had the macrame hanger.

Mary: I got a similar wall hanging (pg. 7) for a wedding present. I re-gifted it to a friend, and she did similar. I am sure it is in a landfill, where it belongs.

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Macrame hangers

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    1. That Beaux Arts title font they used (cf. signs for the “Metropolitaine” subway stations in Paris) _definitely_ had a capital-E-with-acute (or grave) in it somehwere.

  1. Macrame is actually making a comeback! I work at a yarn store, and we are starting to get requests for “macrame yarn”. Guess we should be stocking up on jute.

    1. Ack, cringe, EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW at macrame making a comeback! As a Goth married to a Goth fashionista, that nasty stuff will never be allowed in our apartment.

    2. People could make macramé jute hairshirts! to wear under their regular clothing.

  2. I actually have two macrame (sorry, DNN, I can’t do the accent ague, but I will spare you the kludge of an apostrophe) things. A plant hanger with a dead plant in it, made by a cousin of the ex, and a wall piece made by my friend in about 1971.

    Now that this post has brought my attention to them, maybe I will send them where they ought to go… The dead plant one, anyway, for sure.

    If that’s a sliver of page 13 in the photo, all I can say is… well, you lived with that and it didn’t drive you batty?!

  3. Man this stuff was all you could find at the good wills back a few years ago. Everyone cleaned them out!

  4. I love how *neither* the title/headline font *nor* the text body font have an accent and they just put it after the “e”.

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