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Designing and Planning Bedrooms
Lighting, Furnishing and Decorating Bedrooms for the Whole Family
Ward Lock, LTD

Decorating a bedroom is a slam dunk for any design or home improvement collection. The general decorating theme in this book is all about matching prints, soft colors, all with a very feminine vibe. Not the worst we have seen on this site, but it is still a dated look. As an aside, the only time I have seen teen bedrooms that look like anything presented in a decorating book is in a decorating book or possibly television.


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  1. That’s… actually not a bad bedroom for a student. At least it’s not trying too hard to be cool, though the zigzag stripe on the spread leans that way. The only thing that seems odd is the plastic chair; teenagers need comfortable desk chairs as much as adults!

    The “romantic mood” bedroom, though… Thanks, but no thanks!

  2. I agree that the student bedroom looks very nice.. I’ve used a plastic chair like that and they’re quite comfortable. Also, the zig-zag pattern on the bed spread is an interpretation of bargello needlework. That was quite popular at the time.

  3. I hope they never wanted to sell that antique sewing machine. They have ruined the value by painting it an ugly red.

  4. I had quite a few of the books from this series – we did actually take some inspiration from them when completely renovating a mid-Victorian house, though.

    My eldest had a bedroom not dissimilar to the teenage one pictured (without the chevron bedspread). My ex built cupboards and things to make good use of the space.

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