Love on the Job

love at work

Love at Work
Using Your Job to Find a Mate

Remember the book How to Marry the Man of Your Choice? Well, our author strikes again by offering up the workplace as a potential spouse hunting ground. Thinking of my jobs past and present, I am not so sure I would choose someone from my workplace. I can feel every person in HR just cringing and saying “this should end well”.

However, back when this was published, there probably weren’t too many rules or policies about personal relationships on the job. I did know of quite a few people that met at work, but it was in a large office with different reporting chains. Or the wife “agreed” to work somewhere else or quit if it got difficult. Funny how the men never did change jobs because of a relationship.

This book is really an efficient plan of attack to go out and find a husband. The other promises that you can date and evaluate as many as a 1000 men for potential mates. This makes me wonder if anyone ever got anything done. “Sorry I didn’t get that TPS report finished, but I did manage to date and meet 50 men this week.”

I think everyone will enjoy the helpful hints: sell tools at a garage sale to attract men, bake/cook something, pick up a part time job, etc. Bottom line, this book makes husband hunting too difficult. I think most modern ladies would agree.


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  1. This book assumes that finding a man is the reader’s number one priority in life. Imagine choosing a profession or specialty based solely on the potential for meeting eligible men! Wow.

  2. For a fairly old-fashioned book, the suggestion of “bodyguard” as a good career for women to meet elected officials was a little surprising!

  3. And what if one of these ‘potential mates’ not only is not interested but decides you’ve crossed the line into harassment???
    That’s a very touchy area these days (No pun intended.) and it can be hard to know where that line is. – Especially since everyone draws it differently.

    1. I work with a man who is getting very tired of this one woman—he is married and not interested and worried she is going to get him fired. He’s already had a chat with our boss about it. I don’t know what came of that, if anything. But yeah, it can easily cross the line into harrassment.

  4. The sample pages make me think of “pick up artists”. It’s all such single-minded focus on a arranging absolutely everything – like you are setting up a raid on a meth lab – and can’t take any chances at all that he might see, hear, or think seriously about some thing other than you.

  5. I’m wondering if Glenn Close’s character in Fatal Attraction read this book.

  6. Page 19 point 9 would give VERY different answers just at the moment I suspect!

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