Love and Lavender

Love and Lavender coverLove and Lavender

And once again we have a “misunderstood” and difficult man. Will Hawthorne is relocating after a bitter divorce that left him bankrupt and out of work. Evidently the evil ex-wife ran off with Will’s business partner and took his two children. Rosie is taking in boarders and is also all about crafts, herbs, and potpourri. Naturally she is a good cook and makes her own bread. Martha Stewart has nothing on this gal. She even has a cat named Dill (like the herb). Get it?

Fast forward, crazy ex-wife is in jail and Will is reunited with his perfect and well behaved children that just naturally take to Rosie. Everything falls into place with love and understanding.  Cue the music.


Love and Lavender back cover

Love and Lavender excerpt

Love and Lavender pages 10-11


  1. Sounds like a “Dilly.” I see lots of lovey-dovey, but not much cat….It can’t be that good a book!

  2. OMG how funny I graduated from Mac high in McMinnville Oregon !! I still live in Yamhill county and in fact shop in McMinnville LOL. I really must have a copy of this book in my library … I will now go on a mighty book hunt 🙂

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