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Dress for success coverHow to Dress for Success

I was so excited to find this gem tucked away in a university collection. Of course Edith Head is a fashion icon, and this book is completely appropriate for any serious fashion collection, but this book is almost comical for today’s modern public library collections. Because it is Edith Head, I bet there is some timeless fashion advice, however, you will need to overlook the theme of dressing to keep your man happy.

Regardless, this is fun book to browse and keep for reasons other than providing current fashion information. I had so much fun browsing through this title.



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How to dress to get a man

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Dress for success

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  1. I would LOVE to see this on Peggy Olson’s desk in an episode of Mad Men – it would most likely have been placed there by Joan.

  2. I actually think it isn’t all that off base in 2012. Hear me out: if you want to land a guy, you have to go where the guys go! As a single woman, I have actually been brainstorming about this lately and are going to more places that attract more men than women: car shows, country clubs, billiards places, etc. Granted, the portion about knowing your type is a little silly for today’s times, but knowing what you want and where to find it if half the battle

  3. There’s nothing wrong with dressing for your man as long as he recipricates.

  4. Good grief. Find out what kind of girls HE likes? What fashions please HIM? Oh. Okay, I get it. I’m supposed to change my personality and my style of dress to please some guy. Never mind being who I am. Yes, I want to spend the rest of my life being someone else. Yes, indeedy.

  5. If I ever showed up looking “dainty,” my husband would ask who am I and what have I done with his wife.

    I love this book, though. It’s fascinating. I bet most men would be amazed to see how much wrong-headed advice has been spewed out about how to snare them. Remember that Seinfeld routine: “What’s with women asking how to meet men? We’re right here! We’re everywhere!”

  6. This book is a hoot! For the most part it is dated, but the section about knowing your type and dressing for it
    is good advice if you can apply it to today’s standards. I would keep it for it’s entertainment value.

  7. This is not dated, it’s just honest.
    Pay attention to number four before getting all in a huff.
    You find it sexist or silly? Change the instances of gender around and see how much you approve.

  8. Gee, what if all this time my husband wanted a blonde with a cigarette holder?

  9. @Mr. Fisk:
    This is sexist drivel..turn tables and I wouldn’t want a man dressing to please me–as long as he dresses decently…for example if he wears shorts and a tee to a restuarant I might find it awkward depending on the situation, but unless his man bits are showing or the pants are hanging way down, for example I don’t give a hoot. Dress to please the man…for God’s sake…

  10. The ‘keeping a man’ advice would actually be reasonable if the author expected the man to reciprocate – take an interest in your interests, keep in mind how you’d like him to dress etc. It’s the fact that she doesn’t mention it that is the disturbing part.

  11. But unsurprising, Ro: In this sort of book it’s always the woman’s job to keep the man interested. There’s never any suggestion it works both ways.

  12. So when she doesn’t dress up, it makes him unhappy. When she does dress up, he doesn’t notice. Either way it’s her fault.

    @Mr. Fisk: Of course it’s sexist, and of course it’s silly, turned tables or not.

  13. Any library weeding this title should try to sell on E-Bay or other auction sites. Movie memorabilia collectors would love to have something written by Edith Head; you may actually make some real money. She was also the inspiration for the fashion designer in the animated film “The Incredibles” — hilarious!

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