Look Thin and Young!

Ten Pounds Thinner, Ten Years YoungerLook 10 Pounds Thinner, 10 Years Younger-Instantly
A No-Diet, No-Exercise Plan
1988 (excerpt published 1995)

Well sign me up!

This is about fashion and fit. All good advice, but I doubt anyone will pick this up wanting to look good in an 80’s power suit. (I think I had this exact suit back in the day, and also, sadly, the hair.)

Coffey shows examples of fits that are too tight and too loose, and fashion choices of vertical stripes (no horizontal!) and advises bright colors. It was the 1980s. Fashion aside, there are some redeeming qualities in terms of general discussion of fit, but otherwise this is a definite weeder in my opinion.


How to Fight Youth's Worst Enemy

The Right Fit


  1. I was asking myself why the “after” picture was smaller, and then I scrolled down to see it was the “before”! She looks skinnier in the belted dress!

    1. Glad it’s not just me! Belted dresses can do wonders for nipping in your middle and defining your curves–that suit in the “after” picture just doesn’t do her many favors, unless it were in black.

    2. That’s the problem with makeovers. They don’t really care what looks good on a person or what that person’s emotional fit it as well. (Let’s face it, she looks happier in the belted dress as well as thinner.) They only care about what’s fashionable.

  2. I think the “before” picture is better. In the “after” she looks as if she could be her own mother.

    1. Kimberami, that was THE look!!! That was also the only time I could get away with not wearing hose while wearing black shoes. 🙂

  3. I think the big padded shoulders balanced the fem-mullet hair style. It was a “power” look. Hey, it worked for Joan Crawford. I also figured they offered protection against car accidents while crossing city streets.

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