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Jewish Pirawtes of the CaribbeanJewish Pirates of the Caribbean

It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day! (Click here if you want the official website.)

Now, before everyone gets mad, let me just say that this isn’t a bad book at all. It’s actually very interesting, and I read a bit of it myself. I don’t know – maybe I’m the only one, and I know that I have a juvenile sense of humor – but the title just strikes me as funny! It simply begged me to post it. This book is a great choice for public libraries, and is really quite fascinating.

I still think the title is funny, and sometimes that’s the only criteria we need here at ALB.

Harrrdy Harrr Harrrr, me mateys!

  1. Arrrr vey! That there meshugener Blackbeard be off the port bow!

    You should’ve posted this yesterday though – it was Yom Kippur.

  2. I’ve wanted to read this one since it came out. By the way, Michael Chabon thinks his book “Gentlemen of the Road” should have been titled “Jews with Swords.” I think he’s right!

  3. For the record, my 10 year old pirate-obsessed, Jewish son LOVED hearing the stories I gleaned from this book. I’ll agree that the title could come across as funny, but the book itself is an awesome overview of a really unique period in history.

  4. I read this book, and, even though I work at a University and should probably (definitely) know better, I showed it to everyone I worked with. “Isn’t this AWESOME????”

    And yes, it’s actually worth a read 🙂