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The Blender Way to Better Cooking
Sullivan, ed.

I ran across this at a book sale where it had been freshly weeded. Considering the age, I thought it held up pretty well. I am guessing this was probably in some type of untouched shelving unit since the early 1970s. It is not as bad for covers as other retro cookbooks, but the recipes are pretty terrible. The blenders featured are also of a previous time. The best thing about this book is that the author is using a blender for EVERYTHING. It’s almost like promoting a blender lifestyle.

Naturally, we have some of the featured horrible food from the 1960s and 1970s. Deviled veal cutlet anyone? How about sardine pate? For me, the worst is the liberal use of green olives on that poor meatloaf on the cover.The sauce looks horrible and the olives make it worse. Did everyone in the 1960s have a green olive fetish?

Everyone go ahead and blend something delicious tonight!



salad ring

meat loaf




  1. I like black olives but no other kinds of olives. And those sliced green olives are the least mysterious-looking thing about that mystery-meat-looking loaf.

  2. Well, olive green was a very trendy color at the time so I can see people wanting food that reflected that.

    Still, I can’t understand why everything in the book seems to have a mustard sauce and the sauce recipes sound ghastly. That poor meat loaf has suffered enough humiliation without being swathed in a neon orange sauce with a base of tomato soup.

    We make a mustard sauce for chicken but it’s a light thing made with a roux and chicken broth with a bit of lemon juice and perhaps a dash of wine.

    1. My mother used to make meatloaf — ground beef, veal and pork, and breadcrumbs (really diced fresh bread, not from a can), with an egg mixed in — and served it with a tomato sauce that was so acidic my mouth would break out. Awful. The meatloaf was OK, though. You could buy the raw ground meat in a package, three kinds at once.

  3. What I want to know is where did the obsession to have everything in ‘loaf’ form come from? Honestly, some things just shouldn’t be ‘loaved’….

  4. “Appetizer Cheesecake” should be considered a federal offense. And what is with the weird molten orange “mustard sauce”? Other than the freaky Lileks style humor this book has no redeeming qualities. However, as a piece of gag humor, it is a masterpiece.

  5. I don’t eat meat, but if I did, I would not want it pureed, jellied or blended in any way. That’s some scary looking shit.

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