… living in a van, down by the river

How to Live in Your Van and Love It - cover

How to Live in Your Van and Love It

​Submitter: Fun SNL shout-out aside, this book is now useless and has been for many years. It is primarily a directory of equipment and where to find it.  And that isn’t a bad scan at the end there – the photos really are that dark and generally impossible to make out.

​Holly: ​Ya know what bothers me? The fact that the authors gave their daughter and one of their dogs the same name.  Well, that and the statement, “Vans are unique vehicles that offer you comfort in the wilderness and both speed and economy on the open highway.” Um…no. They don’t.

How to Live in Your Van and Love It - back cover

How to Live in Your Van and Love It - introduction

How to Live in Your Van and Love It - basic equipment


  1. Don’t be too hard pn them for the dog and kid having the same name. They very well could have allowed the daughter to name the dog and she named it after herself. My brother did that as a kid.

  2. At least Jenny was probably named after Jennifer, unlike Bindi Irwin, who was named after the family’s late dog.

  3. I wonder what in the world “Book 22” means. There is no series title on the cover. It’s fun to speculate: “How to live in your outhouse and love it”; “How to live in a tent and love it”; “How to live in your cardboard shipping box and love it.”

  4. My sister-in-law Ann said to tell you that it’s definitely no fun when your parents get a dog and give it your name. Annie the dog has no comment.

    And I like how you shouldn’t vacation in areas where there is an insufficient number of van dealerships, in case you have trouble. So always look for a camground next to a VW dealer?

  5. I would have taken this book out as a teenager! I desperately wanted a VW camper. I was born in the wrong era 🙂

  6. Is anyone else hearing Super Hans from the British comedy “Peep Show” saying “You should just a get a van. With a van it’s like you’ve got an MBA, but you’ve also got a van! You’re not just a man anymore, you are a man with a van. You get a van, Jez, we could be men with ven!”

  7. Does anybody else have these lyrics running through your head now? 🙂

    ‘Cause like a picture she was laying there
    Moonlight dancing off her hair
    She woke up and took me by the hand
    She’s gonna love me in my Chevy van
    And that’s alright with me

  8. But.. but… I own a VW camper and would love this book! 🙁 Guess you have to own one to understand it.

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