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Ricky Martin cover
Ricky Martin
Red-Hot and on the Rise!

Taken straight from a youth biography section! Super cute Ricky is posing in all sorts of pictures and just might have a future in the entertainment industry. Librarians, you might want to know Ricky’s favorite books (see the last scan). Think that is real or what a publicist thought it should be?

Sadly this book’s intended audience now have kids of their own. A better choice is the autobiography Me, published in 2010. Ricky’s fans will appreciate the updates.


Ricky Martin back cover

Photos of Ricky

Photos of Ricky

Ricky Fast Facts

Ricky Fast Facts


  1. Yes, given this is pre-coming out, it seems a bad choice.
    I can believe those books were his–one by his grandmother, two noteworthy Latino books, a pop self-help book and how many of his fans would be impressed by Confidential Clerk?

  2. That’s pretty cool that he lists Boston’s “A Man I’ll Never Be” (2nd album, last song on side 1) as a favorite song. I’d pay good money to hear him cover it.

  3. Ha! I just removed some of the ’90s boy band books from the kids bios at my last library job. N’sync, Backstreet Boys, and Spice Girls. As a ’90s girl, it was hard… but I made the sacrifice…BECAUSE I NEEDED THE SHELF ROOM 🙂

  4. Yes, his literary tastes are eclectic.

    I think he read Rimbaud as background research for appearing in Victor Hugo’s ‘Les Miserables’. Will remember not to serve any fish dishes if Senor Martin should ever visit our library here in Nottingham, UK.

  5. KIDS, not kid’s! Gah!

    I heart me some Ricky. I love his best and worst qualities LOL

  6. Am I the only person who is disturbed by placement of the water bottle on the cover? Especially when paired with the “…On the Rise!” portion of the subtitle?

  7. There is no way that water bottle wasn’t placed intentionally!

    I admit, I totally loved Ricky’s music back in the day. Musically, I think his stuff’s at least aged better than a lot of other stuff that was popular with tweeny girls such as myself in the 90’s.

    Those book choices are just odd enough that I can believe them.

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