Little Women for the Preschoolers


Little Women
Hughes (adaptation)
Based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott

This version of Little Women was weeded recently from the picture book collection. Spoiler alert! Beth doesn’t die. Evidently, Beth’s illness is too much for the average 2-6 year old.

This movie tie-in adaptation is terrible. Little Women is not something that can be condensed into a few pages and be appropriate for preschoolers. Several cherry picked scenes seemed to be strung together and patched into an uneven narration. If you hadn’t already been familiar with the book (or movie), this wouldn’t make much sense.

Does Little Women really need a picture book adaptation? Louisa May Alcott is rolling in her grave at this one.




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little women at Christmas



  1. Better she roll in her grave than rise from it to rampage upon all who even know the existence of this mini-photo-novella.

    Who wouldn’t want to base a book on a movie adapted from a screenplay based on the original novel, I mean it sure beats reading it. (Joke repurposed from an episode of Strangers with Candy.)

  2. Hm, I could maybe see it as useful if someone has an older sibling obsessed with the full story. This adapted version would allow the younger kid to somewhat know what the older one is talking about. Mainly, though, this was a quick-buck movie tie-in.

  3. This looks more like it’s targeted for 8-10 year olds instead of 2-6 year olds. When I was 6 our classroom had mostly Little Golden Books of Disney and Sesame Street characters. And classic fairy tales that were ironically child-friendly versions of the more violent or disturbing original stories. When I was around 10 I read an illustrated adaption of Anne of Green Gables for younger readers, but they didn’t skirt things like Anne accidentally getting Diana drunk or Matthew dying at the end.
    I don’t know, maybe these days kids are expected to be able to read War and Peace by the time they’re six years old, if not any sooner. 🙂

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