Little Corpuscle

Little Corpuscle coverLittle Corpuscle: A Story About Blood

Submitter: We are a technical college library and are weeding our Early Childhood Education collection comprised mainly of picture books.  I came upon this title in my report and wasn’t sure I was reading it correctly.  I went to the bib record, and, yes, that was the title.  The subject listed in the bib was “Blood – juvenile literature.”  Curiosity got the best of me and I pulled the book.  I just about died when I saw the cover.  It looks like we acquired the title in 1975 and it has apparently only circulated three times – 1984, 1988, and 2010.  I had to share this little gem.

Holly: So glad you did! It’s so vintage-chic I can’t even stand it! The crayon drawings, the happy faces painted on the corpuscles, the little shorts and hats they are wearing…it’s all very 1960s. It’s mostly useless in a technical college library without an Early Childhood Education program, so good call on weeding it there, Submitter.

Just for kicks, enjoy “Do The Circulation” from Schoolhouse Rock!

Little Corpuscle a Story About Blood

Little corpuscle is a red blood cell

corpuscles carry oxygen

white corpuscles fight infection


  1. All those blood cells with knobby knees, striped shorts, and buckle shoes are just adorable.

  2. I kind of love this. Definitely not the right book for the submitter’s library, but still all kinds of ridiculous vintage awesome.

  3. Trying to educate kids about blood cells while being as non-squeamish as possible. Even when they mention pus. Times sure have changed. 🙂

  4. i have to admit a corpuscle isn’t the first thing I thought of when I saw this 🙂

  5. Have to admit to buying this, probably at a library sale, for my girls in the late ’90s. Don’t know it he made the cut to be stored in the attic,

  6. not knowing what a corpuscle is off the top of my head, I thought the book was about practicing safer sex & that cover image was a condom.

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