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Days of Our Lives coverDays of Our Lives
The Complete Family Album

More soapy goodness for everyone.  When I was in college there were two distinct camps of soap watchers.  Either you were a Days of Our Lives fan or an All My Children fan.  General Hospital also had somewhat of a following but not like these super shows. (I myself was an AMC fan back in the day.)  If you were a fan of the shows, this is actually a good book. (Reminds me more of a family scrapbook.) Plot summaries, family trees, and fan photos make this an excellent choice. I know the soaps are fading in popularity, so I wonder if they have any value in a collection these days. If there was an updated version of this, I would probably consider it for any public library collection. I would like to note the number of reformed prostitute story lines over the years.  I had no idea Salem was such a prostitution center!


Days of Our Lives back cover

Justin and Adrienne Kiriakis

Jeri Clayton, ex-prostitute

Kimberly Brady and Shane Donovan



  1. “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. These are the Days of the Week.”

    How I miss thee, SCTV.

  2. oh my, I loved Days and Patch. Half the dorm stopped to watch when Days came on. I will be singing “Lady in Red” to myself for the rest of the day. But it is probably a weeder.

  3. “… but Patch helped her get a restraining order. Unfortunately, that infuriated Duke who found virgin Adrienne and raped her. She shot him and passed out. Protecting his sister, Patch took the murder rap. Meanwhile, Adrienne blocked the traumatic incident from her memory.”

    Change the names and it could almost be any soap. Such was the stuff of afternoon drama: rape, amnesia, murder, etc. (In addition to long-lost twins, people showing up after they’d been thought dead, and comas.)

  4. I loved SCTV.

    Why does “Kimberly’s” face look like it has a seam down the middle? Too much plastic surgery?

  5. When I was in college General Hospital ruled. It was all Luke and Laura and the Ice Princess.

  6. Ooooh, sweet baby Charles Shaughnessy!!!
    Before The Nanny, Saints & Sinners, or Mad Men, there was DOOL to teach me Charles Shaughnessy love…

  7. BFF from college reminded me that before “Days”, there was General Hospital, and Alistair Durban, to INTRODUCE us to Charles Shaughnessy love.

  8. @J – You forgot serial killers/serial rapists.

    Oh, and DOOL had time travel. John de Lancie was on that show as crazy inventor Eugene Bradford who lost The Newlywed Game so he invented a time machine to go back and win, and got lost in the tv.

  9. Probably should weed – I have read several similar books about Coronation Street, my fav. and enjoyed the background the books gave me, but I wouldn’t want to keep them in a library. Corrie (as it is known by fans) is by far, imo, the best soap. It’s realistic, people have real jobs and wear real clothes, and live in row housing. Get used to understanding the UK accent and you are hooked. 50 years and counting, with at least one character who was a teen in the first show and is still there in his seventies. Just had to mention this.

  10. Janet Clark got me thinking: It’s interesting that there are many books illustrating the complicated plot lines of American soap operas, but I do wonder if there are any ever published on long-standing foreign soaps? I can remember my mother (a Madrid-born Spaniard who has lived here since she was 10) watching many Spanish soap operas when I was growing up, like Corazon Salvaje, and a couple of others. I have never seens books in English or Spanish detailing the backstories of any of these soaps, some of which ran for years. I wonder if they’re out there somewhere..that being said, this book is definitely a weeder. Even if these soaps were still going (are they? I have no clue), patrons deserve something newer than 1995.

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