Life Lessons for Teens

Stay Strong coverStay Strong: Simple Life Lessons for Teens

Submitter: Considering how dated the rest of my collection is, this book is fairly recent. However, it has never circulated, even with an introduction from Queen Latifah. This is a good type of book for a middle school library, but I need to find something more current.

Holly: The author talks about people like Queen Latifah and Eddie Murphy – who are both famous, but who are old. Teens could relate better to current celebrities. The lessons in this book are really cool, but need fresh faces to teach them.

Stay Strong back cover

Stan Strong Intro by Queen Latifah

Stay Strong introduction by Queen Latifah

Before You Start to Read This

Life isn't fair


  1. I wonder where the library that held this title was located. The cover alone would cause this one to sit on the shelf. Is it just me, or are the kids on the cover stereotypes of their “race?” The

  2. Couldn’t they have at least flipped Latifah’s photo so it doesn’t look like she’s giving the readers the loser hand gesture? Or was that supposed to symbolize Latifah?

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