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Weisburg and Toor

Happy National Library Week, everyone. Over the years, we here at the ALB home office like to use NLW as an annual reminder about professional collections. Yes, I realize most of us are sequestered due to COVID-19, so take a note for when we get back to the books and patrons.

This little gem is from 1985. It was weeded in February 2020. If this is something you are using in 2020, I think it might be time to update your lesson plans. For those of us of a certain age, this is a nice nostalgic visit to libraries of yore. Note the entire chapter on those fun card catalogs.

If you are going to do a professional collection, then do it right. Weed it. Also, is your professional collection being used? If it isn’t, then maybe it is time to rethink how a print collection works as part of overall professional development.


card catalog

library catalog card

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  1. I know this one! It was passed to me when I became a high school media specialist in 2009. Obviously, it was not terribly useful. I left it behind… I wonder if it’s still there even though our county doesn’t have media specialists anymore.

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