Liberace Cooks

Liberace Cooks coverLiberace Cooks!: Hundreds of Delicious Recipes For You  from His Seven Dining Rooms

Submitter: Here is my new favorite book. When I found this on shelf, I just knew it would be amazing. I am too young for Liberace, and even worse, my young library clerks had no idea who he was! But get a load of those pictures! Such opulence.

Holly: Oh, to have seven dining rooms and still dine “informally but elegantly before the television set” [back cover, below]. There’s really no reason for most public libraries to hang onto this any more, but just look at that piano hood on his stove!

Not only can you cook like Liberace, but you can Dress Like Liberace, too.

Liberace Cooks back cover

Liberace Cooks contents


Liberace's buffet table

TV-watching dining room

Dining loggia

formal dining room


  1. I love this! It absolutely belongs in a specialized cookbook history collection. In a regular library, though, it’s taking up a slot where something 45 years newer and more useful could be. BTW I checked and Carol Truax wrote or co-wrote dozens of cookbooks in the 60s and 70s. All of which should probably now be off the shelves as too aged.

  2. When he died of AIDS, suddenly every kid in my class in Junior High knew who he was. I heard two boys telling each other they thought it was funny.
    Kids are cruel and heartless and nothing has changed. 🙁

    1. Kids don’t change when their parents and other adults around them are assholes and encourage that behaviour.

  3. A TV watching dinning room? Not chairs in front of the TV, how considerate!
    In the first photo I thought he had some head gear, and sort of expected something like that from him, but alas, it was only a candle holder behind, Disappointing…Also no cape in sight..

  4. I want this book! Send it to meeeeeeee! My library cookbook section is up to date and they don’t have a copy, sadly. How can a library not want a book this fabulous?

  5. I am totally dating myself here, but I remember this book–even though I did not own it. And I used to make the Welsh Rarebit with this exact recipe!

  6. Raisin filled cookies yet! And I thought Liberace was sophisticated. Raisin filled cookies were my rancher dad’s favorite.

  7. If it does have a use in a library, then they should probably get a new copy. This one looks really grimy.

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