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sex is not a four letter word

Sex Is Not A Four-Letter Word!

This isn’t too bad for the time. This book is surprising as well, since this is the first one I have had on this site that is Christian (Catholic) based and NOT terrifyingly homophobic. The author actually pushes parents to love their child unconditionally, even if they are uncomfortable.

However, all books that are about sexual health issues are automatic weeds when they are over 20 years old. I would also say this is particularly important when coming from a religious perspective. Cultural influences on young people need to be addressed in books about sexual health. It’s a weeder, but I have hope when a Christian parenting book talks about unconditional love from parents and acceptance of those who are different.




  1. People try living Biblically aren’t being “phobic” if they speak against the lifestyle. There’s no hate or fear involved and it shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. Only when kids are hated or rejected is it bad and those people aren’t really being Christian.

    1. (1) There is no gay “lifestyle.”
      (2) If one does not support full civil equality for LGBTQ people, one is being phobic, full stop. Saying “but religion” to justify denying civil equality doesn’t change that.
      (3) “Those people aren’t really being Christian” doesn’t cut it, either. Those people are as confident (and as well supported scripturally) in citing Christianity to justify rejecting gay people as other people are in citing Christianity to support accepting gay people.

    2. Sorry bud, “hate the sin, not the sinner” is BS and is inherently hateful and discriminatory towards us (not our “lifestyle”, us as people). Try again next time.

  2. Sounds good for its time, but some of the facts are outdated.

    Also, 12% of 5th graders are having sex??? Who were they surveying, the Little Lolita Society?

    1. I was shocked at that, and at the inner city average age for first intercourse. I do wonder if the numbers are truly accurate, and if so, I hope they have changed in 25 years!

    1. Oh, the myths! That was one.

      This book… really isn’t that bad, for the time. I’m impressed!

  3. Maybe I am paying more attention than previously, but it seems that postings are no longer being made daily? I miss my daily hit of awfullibrarybooks! Especially the Friday Fiction that did not arrive 🙁

    1. And here it is the next day and my comment is still awaiting moderation — I hope nothing bad has happened? Best wishes to the bloggers.

    2. Totally my fault. I dropped to four or so times a week. Just a lot of stuff to do lately. However, I do have some Friday fictions coming up. Stay tuned! Mary

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