Let’s Meet!

when you preside book

When You Preside

Another book about holding a meeting. This one is directed at the leaders of meetings and talks about organization and how to formalize the process. Fine. Although the old standby of Robert’s Rules of Order will work too.

This book adds a nice section on the type of personalities that inhabit meetings. It’s supposed to be clever, but the cartoon illustrations are not that great. Having attended meetings my entire adult life, I don’t think any book will fix meetings. I know that library meetings are a special kind of hell and seem to be a significant time suck.

I had a manager once, in my time before librarianship that believed the best meetings had no chairs, no food or drinks and only lasted 30 minutes. I think this is an excellent idea.

In a meeting,



more personality types


  1. I like the illustrations, at least of the first two of the fifteen. From 1969, so I fear the other 13 are all men too. I’d still like to see them.

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