Let’s Impeach Tricky Dick

Why President Nixon Should Be Impeached
American Civil Liberties Union

Submitter: “I don’t care if he’s dead…exhume and impeach!!!”

Holly: A historical book about how the proceedings went down might still be useful, but this was published in the middle of the trial! Put it in the archive or maybe a large academic library.


  1. President Nixon wasn’t impeached. He resigned before it would have happened. This book probably dates from during the Watergate crisis, when it was becoming obvious that the President had been up to no good.

  2. Well, he (or at least his head) is President again in year 3000 in Futurama, so maybe that book will still be useful in a few hundred years’ time?

    ‘My fellow Earthicans…’

  3. I used to work in a high school library. There was an American History teacher who every time I weeded something like this would say “But this will be so valuable to students who want to know what life was like back then.” This would be prime to end up on her shelf.

  4. “Let’s Impeach Tricky Dick” would have been a WAY better title. If the book was called that, I would say, keep it!

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