Let’s Get Physical!

Aerobics Today coverAerobics Today
Casten and Jordan

Submitter: While the actual content of the book may have stood the test of time, the fashion in the pictures has not…

Holly: I was very surprised to see that the publication date was 1990.  From the cover alone, I would have guessed early 1980s, the “Let’s Get Physical” years*. Can’t you just hear the soundtrack?  (You’re welcome.)

Aerobics Today Introduction

Bdy Composition and Weight Control

Choreographing Your Own Routine

Heel, Toe, Slide, Slide

Charleston Bounce Step

*Olivia Newton-John, 1981


  1. Actually, the content might not be standing the test of time. Aerobics is out; Zumba and other dances are in, as well as bootcamp-style stuff.

  2. Part of the diminished popularity of aerobics described in this book is that they’re murder on bad joints, and probably, like running, not so good even on good joints. It took a while before water aerobics caught on as a way of exercising without ruining your knees.

  3. I feel bad for the guy in the striped tack and leggings. You KNOW his friends and family have posted these pics on Facebook.

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