Let’s Get Physical!

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Sexual Fitness
Complete Vitality
Time Life Books

Feeling sluggish and want to get back into a high intensity bedroom “workout”? This is the book for you. Grab your partner and bring on the sexy. Exercise and general fitness is essential for a healthy sex life. Getting in shape with your partner has the added benefit of getting those sexy times started.

We also have lots of options in workout gear. Ladies, break out the tights and leotards for a sleek look. Sexy exercise also includes lots of touching, so evidently the expected “workout” attire is a lace camisole.

This book was part of a series on fitness and we actually had another of the series featured here on ALB. Check out the workout routine for the office.

Time to “get physical”.


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  1. Now I have to listen to Olivia Newton-John’s album!….Oh,”Landslide”, “Make a Move on Me”, and “Recovery” ….and now I have to go listen to “Xanadu”…just the song not the whole movie.

  2. WORKOUT AT THE OFFICE: Quick Workouts: Fitness Anytime, Anywhere Time-Life Books 1987:

    HILARIOUS: VSFW: Very Silly For Work

    1. The guy in that one with the red sweater vest is going to get a whole elevator to himself. Seriously, who’s going to get near someone who’s practicing their chorus line moves, swinging his legs wide, while in the elevator lobby?

      As to this book, if hubby and I did these moves, we’d be exhausted, sweaty, out of breath, and probably pull something — which would NOT be conducive to sexy times. It would have been non-optimal even in 1988.

  3. On page 7 Chapter One: he seems to cut his own hair. BF (before Flowbee).
    Time to send George Clooney Back to Future for him: give that man a Flowbee.

  4. The fourth illustration looks like they could easily kick each other in the shins by mistake.

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