Let the Fur Fly

Buy and Maintain a Fur Coat -coverHow to Buy & Maintain a Fur Coat: A Practical Guide to Luxury
Goldin and Lulow

Submitter: This book is currently available at our local public library &… Surprise!… on the same shelf as a copy of Do-it-Yourself Coffins for Pets and People (a “classic” Awful Library Book nominee!).  Anyway, this book is pretty awful too, and not just because of the animal rights implications.  Things like pricing, availability & style are all going to be as outdated 25+ years after publication as the book’s claim that wearing the right fur “flatters your best features, enhances your beauty… makes you glow as if you’d just applied blush”.

Holly: I guess you could store your fur coat in your hope chest/coffin while you wait to die and be buried in both.

Fur coat back cover

Long-Haired Furs

Buying your fur coat

Choosing Your Fur Coat


  1. I have a great relationship with my “furrier”. . .Foxy barks all around the back yard at night. Foxy also removes the rabbit fur from the garden on a regular basis. So, yes, we have found “the kind of fur and style that meets [my] expectations, needs, and lifestyle.”

    I will note that this author does make correct use of the comma in a series–so that is a plus, in a sea of minuses.

  2. i think it’s bizarre that a book wearing fur will i’m sure draws all sorts of ire and a book about grilling steak would not. (also i never hear about negative reactions to that other animal-based apparel: the snarky bacon-themed t-shirt.) i say more power to fur wearers! at least they’re upfront about their preference to consume animals!

    1. “a book [about] wearing fur will i’m sure draws all sorts of ire and a book about grilling steak would not”

      I was thinking this, too. (And not only grilling, but books about hunting, the care of leather shoes and coats, and any cookbook with meat recipes.)

      An updated version of the fur book would be practical if there’s community interest in it.

    2. For me it’s the source of the fur that’s an issue. If it’s farmed fur like mink or rabbit I have no problem with that. Especially rabbit that’s also used as food. No different than wearing a leather jacket made from the cow that was also hamburger.

      Seal and the like is a big NO for me. And I’ve heard that the fur trim on some imported coats is actually dog and cat. I don’t care that they’re animals, I think it’s pure evil to kill a dog, cat, or a horse for food and/or clothing. Same as it would be to kill a dolphin or a monkey for the same reasons. They are not “just animals.”

      1. I agree that one can distinguish between fur as a byproduct of food animals and fur from animals raised only for that. BUT it is even more important to consider whether the killing of the animal is humane. That can be the case with food animals, though it often is not — still, perhaps improvements are being made. With fur-raised animals, however, I believe it is *usually* done in a cruel manner, in the case of farmed animals, and often in a cruel manner with wild animals that are trapped, or the seals previously mentioned (the indigenous hunters would at least eat the seal meat). Electrocuting minks in a manner not suitable for description in a family newspaper, so as to preserve the pristine quality of their fur, is despicably cruel!

  3. In my community, this book would probably go out a lot. There are many elderly women who live in a fur coat as soon as the temperature drops. I once had a neighbor (not elderly, BTW) who went out to get the paper in a full length fur coat.

  4. I’m impressed that author’s father isn’t afraid to call his customers fat! You don’t see that everyday.

  5. Many thanks, Ladies, for this vital info. It’s raining here in Key West and I swear I just nearly headed out in my (very manly, not at all ladylike) fitch jacket! Whew! And to think all this time I was afraid of a li’l ol’ mink coat simply because I thought it might make me look like an old woman. How wrong I was! Instead, I’ll look like a very stylish pimp. And now I know once and for all that, NO, it is NOT alright to polish the silver with my blue fox since – surprise! surprise! – it doesn’t like friction. Who knew??? And, finally, there it is in writing, ladies: clean your beaver once every 2 years. Gosh! What an educational experience for me. My eyes have truly been opened. Thank you, ladies!

  6. Maintaining a fur coat is good info if it will keep people in coats that already exist rather than seeking out new ones.

  7. I am more appalled at the processing of this book. I understand most libraries are slapping the barcode on the cover of books these days. They had to stick it over the text and her head? Why not at her feet?

    We dont and wont be doing this with our books. Back cover for us. It looks nicer and there is less wear.

  8. Somehow I don’t remember any mink-wearing going on on my college campus. I must have gone to the wrong college. (Or any badger-wearing, despite its superior durability.)

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