Let sweatshirts be sweatshirts!

sweatshirts remix

Sweatshirt Remix: Transform Ordinary Sweatshirts Into Extraordinary Fashions

I know I have griped and whined about sweatshirt fashion. Remember this post? Or how about this one?

Can we be done with trying to make sweatshirts more than just a sweatshirt? The beauty of the sweatshirt is comfort. Sweatshirts are supposed to be warm, comfortable, and what one wears to the gym, to do laundry, or when you are retreating from life. It is not cocktail attire, professional attire, or a “fashion choice”.

Please don’t take my sweatshirts and turn them into a fashion statement.


sweatshirt back cover sweatshirt jacket vest out of a sweatshirt sweatshirts with a ribbon



  1. I love to sew and knit, but of course there’s not enough time for the projects i would like to tackle. it pains me to think of spending precious craft time on something so ugly. it’s like those crocheted toilet paper covers — WHY???
    i would have to be 200 years old and incapacitated before anyone could make me wear one of these things.

      1. Like an ultradoiley? No, it’s worse. You know those cakes people like to make, that are shaped and decorated like a hoop skirt, and have half a Barbie doll sticking out of the top? It’s the fiber arts version of one of those. A Google image search will give you a good overview, but be warned: things that have been seen cannot be unseen.

  2. Mary has some strong opinions about sweat shirts! This one also come with a CD-ROM, which isn’t worth a lot these days. Still, at ten years old, I’d let it stay if it still circs, and more likely I’d be looking for the new edition when it comes out.

  3. I was guessing this was from the 90s, then my jaw dropped when I scrolled up and saw the 2009 publication date

    1. Same! I was even thinking that these were some slightly better designs than these sweatshirt makeover books usually have, and then I saw the date. If this had really been from 1991, like I had thought, it would have been better than average.

  4. The irony of these fashion atrocities is that it would take considerable sewing and design skills in order to even pull these off. That being said,they are so hideous they almost make me angry lol!

  5. My mother had a bathrobe just like the last one, only much longer of course. She wore it mostly when she was sick.

  6. This is the Fashion Police. You are under arrest. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

    We are taking you straight to our headquarters for an intervention.

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