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Disney Book of Knitting cover

The Disney Book of Knitting
Coss and Robinson

Submitter: Found this gem going through the knitting books. It was hard not to scan the entire book as everything is cringe worthy. My favorite has to be the back of the Cruella De Vil dress with the cat and dog over the butt.

Holly: See what I did there, with the title? #Frozen

This is a fine choice for a public library because Lord knows there are Disney fiends fans everywhere, but I’m with submitter that a lot of the items are cringe worthy! The book is 31 years old, but has Disney really changed? Fashion itself has changed, but I’m not sure people this into Disney really care how fashionable the sweater is. I’m mostly cracking up about how into it the models are. Their postures and facial expressions absolutely embody the characters they are wearing. Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? That girl looks terrified!

Also… what character is on the sweater with the lady with her hands up? Maybe Lady and the Tramp? Or is that the one Submitter says is the back of the Cruella de Vil dress? Maybe, but it’s a totally different model than the first picture below. How about the very last image – is that a smoking ape? Possibly Jungle Book?

Cruella de Vil


Big Bad Wolf

Dog sweater




  1. From what I can tell (maybe because 101 Dalmatians was my FAVORITE Disney movie as a kid) the model with her hands up has Sergeant Tibbs holding a dalmatian puppy on the dress. But that particular version of Sergeant Tibbs looks . . . drugged? zombified? definitely off somehow . . . .

  2. I’m pretty sure the model with her hands up is wearing a sweater with the title characters from The Fox And The Hound. The movie was released in 1981, so the dates work.

  3. I have a lot of Mickey and Minnie T-Shirts but these sweaters are so hideous they’d make the Disney Villains feel sorry for whoever has to wear them.

  4. Disney Character cardigans had a moment in my elementary school, when I was in 6th grade. Which was just two years after this book came out. On point for the late 80’s.

  5. Checked my copy of the book, I collect these kind of books, and model with hands up is showing the back of the Cruella De Vil Women’s Dress, even though it is a different model from picture showing front of dress. On a crafting note, the graphs for the motifs can be used for different crafts. I can also ‘recommend’ searching out the Popeye knitting book.

  6. Ok ya’ll are full of lies because that book is amazing and I want it. The Big Bad Wolf one is amazing. As is Cruella!

  7. Finding officially licensed– and therefore *legal*– Disney craft patterns can be challenging.

    That said, these aren’t particularly good ones.

  8. I think King Louie didn’t ever get hold of fire in “The Jungle Book” – otherwise history would have proceeded differently. So, smoking probably is ruled out. It does kind of look like it, though. Maybe he made it in the end after all.

    If monkeys are given lighted cigarettes and they imitate human smokers, they get addicted like we do, and need their smokes.

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