Leisure Suit Larry

PC Format Magazine June 1993PC Format Magazine

Submitter: We weeded out several years of PC Format Magazine 0963-5521. Woefully out of date. Please accept these images from the June 1993 issue – a perfect issue for Mary. Take a walk down technology memory lane (spoiler alert – this memory lane ends in a dumpster.)

Holly: Leisure Suit Larry! If you know, you know. And if you don’t, Google it…but not at work. (And scroll down this post with discretion, too.)

We don’t really need to discuss the collection management angle of this…right? Just weed it.



PC Format Magazine

Leisure Suit Larry

PC Format Magazine

PC Format Magazine


  1. The days of magazines running sales charts for CD-ROMs.

    I fully acknowledge being a nerd as a kid, but I’m still a little surprised that I read so many of these magazines back then. I guess it was the only way to learn about new games back then, but still…

  2. My brother-in-law had Leisure Suit Larry when it first appeared. I recall that it was cheesy but not as bad as this version apparently was.

  3. Egads.

    I thought magazines were supposed to be weeded even quicker than books. 1993 still being around is ridiculous.

    Apparently the magazine opposes shooting clowns in videogames? I don’t see that much of a problem with it.

    But kudos to them for calling out LSL for egregious sexism.

    What did happen to the free game floppy?

    1. If it was accessioned with the magazine, I’m assuming a patron took it or it was repurposed to bring a slide show to a board meeting.

  4. There’s a fine, mostly safe-for-work article on Leisure Suit Larry over at the Digital Antiquarian, if anyone’s interested.

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