Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus

Leadership Secrets of Santa ClausThe Leadership Secrets of Santa Clause
Harvey, et. al

Submitter: I’m the business librarian at a mid-size university that generally doesn’t offer PhD programs (certainly not in business!) so by no means do we need a comprehensive collection of dusty tomes “just in case” someone is going to do research on that obscure business topic. Maybe. Five hundred years from now.

I’m pretty ashamed that this vanity press book ended up in an academic library. Not just because it’s a vanity press book but also because there isn’t one “secret” to be had! It’s basically a regurgitation of trite management advice. Students would do better to use Wikipedia!

Holly: Don’t worry, submitter…they will.

    1. I guessed 1980s until I saw your comment and went back and actually paid attention to the date.

  1. When I first glanced at the cover, I thought it was Santa, turned away from us, holding his head in shame or despair.

    1. I thought the same thing! I didn’t realize it wasn’t until someone mentioned it was his hat.

      1. Wait, that’s his hat?!?! Damn, I’m with you guys, that’s totally a despairing Santa.

    2. Oh goodness! I thought, “Why is Santa so downtrodden if he is such a powerful and persuasive leader!” A hat, HA!

  2. Based on years of viewings of “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” I’d say the way to get anything done in the “workshop” is to have an army of elves to do the work for you!

  3. I’m so silly. I thought that was Santa’s foot on the cover, before looking at it again, and realising it’s his hat.

  4. This is in our academic library–it was a donation. I used it as an example of “just because it’s in a book, doesn’t mean it is credible” in a resent info literacy session. It needs to go, but I would like to keep it for the example of a horrible vanity press title.

  5. Santa only has one “leadership secret” – make sure you’re sober for any really big gigs.

    1. I dunno, I’m pretty sure Santa’s a stoner. He breaks into people’s houses through the chimney so he can get cookies? I mean, there’s really no other explanation for that sort of behavior.

      1. Yeah, have you ever read Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs? (Now there’s a book NOT to be weeded, although it might get more appreciation if it was moved from the kids’ section to the adult section of the library.)

  6. it would be a power trip for your employees to leave you cookies and milk every day…

  7. I actually bought this book as a Christmas present for my boyfriend (as a joke of course)!

  8. Our library doesn’t have it, but our Human Resources has a Professional Development Media Center that has the book & DVD & they offer a training session based on this every holiday season.

    According to my professional development record, I attended said training in 2007, though I seem to have repressed the entire thing.

    Thankfully, I can always count on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j17m1mAmjaE

  9. Caveat: The following statement is the original opinion of Bayo Elizabeth Cary: “Not Intended to Offend”.

    I read this post as well as the advice and I simply don’t get it. I looked at the picture of the Santa Clause’s hat for a very long time and still nothing came to mind.

    From what I understand of how Santa’s workshop is portrayed, there is a strong and concerted effort which is exerted from the entire group. The elves are treated equally and the reindeer are respected even though they are animals–Santa does not send his old reindeers to the dog food factory.

    I think the fact that Santa is making toys for little girls and little boys all over the world regardless of their race, socioeconomic status, level of education, etc., is an example of socially responsible business practices in action. I personally, go out o my way to support: people,businesses, organizations, institutions, even countries, who care about other people and treat other people with respect.


    Bayo Cary

  10. Santa is overworked like many workers today. Not enough helpers to get the job done to his satisfaction. Let’s hope for brighter times and fairer distribution of wealth among all for 2013 and beyond.

  11. This is like “Business Secrets of the Pharohs” from the British sitcom “Peep Show” except for real.