Law of the Interwebz

Internet Law cover

101 Things You Need to Know About Internet Law

Submitter: This book is from 2000, and hasn’t circulated in many years. And it’s in poor condition. The book was useful 18 years ago! Please update things like this every couple of years. This book has a section on AOL, but not Amazon.

Holly: Other topics not up to date here: net neutrality, gambling, child porn, and fraud laws, market regulation (ie. Google as monopoly), cyberbullying, cyberterrorism…the list goes on. These are the topics my patrons would be interested in reading about.


  1. The field of internet law has progressed immensely since 2000. Things are happening at such a rapid pace that it would be hard for any book to stay current. I would not look for a book if I were in need of information in this field.

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