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First, I have to ask Mary what the heck she was DOING in the 90s.  She sent me a lovely email, asking me to write up this post since, and I quote, “Honestly I can’t remember any of the hits. I do think that guy with the glasses is goofy looking (even for the 90s)…”


They were only one of the most popular boy bands OF ALL TIME.  The Wikipedia article sites Billboard magazine, saying “According to Billboard, they are the first group since Sade to have their first seven albums reach the top 10 on the Billboard 200.”  You really can’t remember even one song?  Larger Than Life, I Want it That Way, Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)… they were all ridiculously popular.  I wasn’t a huge boy band fan or even pop music fan in the 90s (grunge and metal were more my thing), but you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing a Backstreet Boys poster, lunchbox, or t-shirt.  After 98 Degrees, I’d say they were the next-best boy band (personal opinion…)

Someone, please! Give Mary a lesson on 90s pop culture!

Everyone else – go ahead and weed this, unless for some reason it still circulates in your library.


Backstreet Boys back cover

How street smart are you?

Quiz questions

Pictures of Backstreet Boys



  1. I’m like Mary, I don’t remember any of their songs. I only know part of one of their songs and that’s only because Weird Al Yankovic used it in one of his polkas.

  2. Special Bonus Question: *How* often has he had his luggage lost while on the road?
    Even More Special Bonus Question: Why do you keep stealing his luggage?

  3. I grew up in the 90s and don’t remember any of their songs, though I was never into pop music. Hearing the titles, I might have guessed they were by the Backstreet Boys, but even that’s not certain.

    I’m sort of amused by the implication in the quiz that only one of the group likes gummi bears. That’s a pretty inoffensive candy to have four guys in a five member group not like.

  4. My little brother (who’s 7 years younger than me) listened to them. Some sort of coming of age ideal of manhood?

    But though I might recognize a song if I heard it, I was basically too old – already out of college and all.

    I just went to see when the Boys were born and I’m only a couple of years older than the oldest one. But positively ancient compared to the youngest…

  5. I gotta admit…… I actually have this book somewhere….. and can still sing along with most of their songs. Yes, i was one of those kids. Not sure how I feel about it now, but I definitely went through a boy band obsessed phase when I was a teenager 🙂

  6. I was always more of an *NSync girl, but I do remember seeing their music video for “Everybody” on MTV.

  7. You’re not going to post the answer key? Now I’ll never know which Back Street Boy likes gummy bears. Unless, of course, this book hasn’t been weeded from my local library.

  8. Ah man, now I’ve got one of their songs stuck in my head! I’ll never get it out now. Ick!

    I seem to remember that my middle school held a fundraiser just before these guys hit really big. We apparently raised enough money that we got The Backstreet Boys to come do a concert at the school and I was sick the day they performed. Nobody had heard of them before. I so was disappointed until I heard their first huge single and decided that I hadn’t missed anything. I was a huge New Kids on the Block fan a few years before that, but I guess by the time these guys came around I’d already moved on to Weezer and Nirvana.

  9. The fact that they’ve had seven chart topping albums means people actually paid attention to them after their comeback. I didn’t realize that. I was a huge Backstreet Boys fan in elementary school, as were most of my friends (except the Nsync fans, of course, because for whatever reason you were only supposed to like one of them), but I remember being one of only a couple who still listened to them when Black and Blue came out, and I haven’t listened to anything they’ve released since then. Hmm.

    I’m amused by the wallet pictures. It seems like actually cutting those out and carrying them around would be a pretty embarrassing thing to admit to.

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